Thursday, March 18, 2010

rustic soap jar

I saw a cute jar at my friends house for hand soap and thought, I can make that. So I did. My skills were rudimentary at best and if I did it again I would know what to do differently. I used a large drill bit and a large nail and hammer to make my whole on top and pliers. Today I found out I wasn't alone in thinking I can make that. I found this tutorial online that makes it simpler. I am totally satisfied with it. Maybe I'd be even more satisfied if I painted the lid.


Rita said...

I love that Lacy, super cute. I might just try it myself. Love those tractors on your windowsill too.

Urban Domestics said...

So cute! I love this blog and I'm impressed that you are so motivated. My goal is to now blog once a month on my blog, which will be 3 times more often that I currently blog. And I love that you posted my quilt blocks. Miss you terribly!

Morgan said...

Super cute! Following you! I always need good ideas