Sunday, May 16, 2010

lace dress

This is the inspiration dress found on
Below is the dress i made for my girl out of a lace curtain panel, like the one on the side of the pic. for some reason I remembered a  bow on the dress but I guess I was wrong. i think it looks really cute on her.

I hooked up with the party on today's creative blog.

lamps and lettering

A two dollar lamp from a yard sale got some glossy purple paint. ( i may actually like it better in the white primer, hm) And that is my short hair in all it's windswept glory. the lamp with a 3 dollar shade from goodwill, it's not complete yet. I've also been putting up some vinyl lettering. (sorry pic is really dark) I put the clock up a while ago, but it seemed so big and empty. I think the lettering was just what it needed.