Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Quilting runs in the family. I don't have that gene. My mom quilts everything by hand and it shows in the details, she's amazing. My mother in law quilts by machine and is very talented. I grabbed some photos of her (MIL) latest project. Can I just say WOW! It all comes from the fabric in the middle.
This is one i will not be creating my own version of. No way. These photos are from http://thelookinglens.blogspot.com/

Monday, February 15, 2010

next project?

 How cute is this? Maybe this can be my next project. Follow the link below for directions.

Or Maybe one like this

don't forget to recycle

I bought chip board letters and covered them in fun paper. Then I used soda can tabs to hang them, recycling pays off.

valentine banner

First you cut out your heart, I wanted my kids touch so i had them scribble all over paper then cut out hearts. 

Then I embossed the hearts for a little more detail with hearts flowers, stripes, whatever I could use, then i inked the edges.

Matte heart onto valentine paper and trim with decorative edge scissors. then add simple letters, you can print them out , stamp or just use your own skills. decorate with ribbons, craft foam hearts, or whatever you have.
Matte it all on black cardstock and cut out. Put brads in each corner and tie all letters together with coordinating ribbons or string.  You can hang it on a mantle, across a window or doorway. anywhere it will beautify your home. Any colors or any other phrase would work, kiss me, valentine, you can do this for all holidays, different shapes, I might try Easter eggs next. Who knows?

Monday, February 8, 2010

A new blog

I've decided to dedicate a blog entirely to my crafty side. and the other one will probably be private very soon and just for family updates. but may contain both. I will display my work, others work (with their permission) and creative ideas. let the crafting begin