Wednesday, April 28, 2010

brassy to classy

Oh this is so much better. It looks nicer hung up in my dining room too. Just a little metallic rustoleum, no primer needed. One word of advice, if you get a phone call in the middle of painting put the phone away, don't leave it in the painting area.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

tutu fabulous

I know we've all seen that title before. This is what I made for my little girls friend. I was trying to make something on the cheap and I had all this on hand. I even made the wand with scrap fabric  and a cake dowel. (and now even the boy is asking for one) This is the first tutuorial I found from mombabe but I've seen plenty. I did this one with ribbon instead of elastic, you just tie a knot where you want to start and stop. This is one of the best gifts I've found for little girls.

get inspired and make something

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

up to? up to?

ok, if you didn't catch the sleeping beauty quote, get yourself a daughter (you can borrow mine) and watch it.  this is what i have been up to.

dollar store print, mod podge, paper, stencil, picture and acrylic paint, thats what it took for this cute bathroom deco. i made one for all the kids. (modest ones) i have also used this stencil a couple other places in the house, i love it, i;m trying to figure out out to get a large one on my wall in my LR.

Don't judge me, my bed isn't made. I was to busy making a headboard out of a door. (it was an extra door that didn't go to anything, not the one in the pic, random) I say look up some tutorials online and don't use a door. use some thin plywood, i was trying to make this as cheap as possible and it cost me just over 20 bucks for all the supplies, but i didn't use all of them and have lots of fabric left over for more pillows.

I made an easter dress for my little girl. I also made a skirt following this tutorial from the same lavender fabric for me. My friend gave me yards and yards of this stuff, i still have more, oh what to do, what to do!

And last I'd like to welcome you in. It's not perfect, but it keeps getting better, with everyone else's awesome ideas.

get inspired and make something

i want it all

i know i haven't posted in a while but i probably won't be updating today either because i'm trying to win stuff all day on 4 blogs spring fling. Tip Junkie, Sitsgirls, skip to my lou and todays creative blog are doing giveaways every hour all day long! awesome! so leave me alone, i'm ignoring the kids and maybe wasting my time, but it's all for me. hahaha!