Monday, March 15, 2010

oh my heavens

or is it I'm in heaven?
ok funds are low on the decorating front but i still want to make my home lovely and mine. so i dream. i see furniture and think what i could do with it, i see wall art and think i could make that for cheaper but don't always have the know how. i get online and search decorating sites and i think i just found the one that i truly love the most so far. It has some serious competition. So many people do amazing things and i have some seriously talented friends but this site is strictly dedicated to decorating your home on the CHEAP. If you haven't already heard of it, let me enlighten you.  . Seriously I'm in heaven. And they also have links to more heavenly inspirations on their site. It's just too good.

OK secondly I will be doing a hair bow giveaway soon. I see these priced all over the place and when you see them I want you to tell me what you would pay for them. (but I will be giving these first ones away) I just have to figure out how to dry out/ bake the hand made buttons because there are no directions on the box of clay. The last ones liquefied.

Well get inspired and make something!

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