Tuesday, March 9, 2010

celebrating literacy

The boy celebrated literacy in school and had to dress up as his favorite story book character and take the book to school. He decdided on Nate The Great. I had a clearance sheet I bought that didn't match any of the other ones, so close but two different of shades tan.  Well it was super cheap so I kept it around and I'm so glad I did. I took the sheet and shirt pattern and came up with the trench. I took a sun hat pattern and modified the brim to have the detective hat. I love the hat, it is my favorite part.  He said all his teachers loved it. That's what I love to hear.

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Karabear said...

LACY!! That Trench is AMAZING! The detailing is beautiful! I can't believe that you did that! I had to re-read the description, just to convince myself that it was all you. So cute! so so cute. You just needed to get a a pic of Canyon wearing it. :) Love you!