Wednesday, November 10, 2010

updates on the guest room

This is more on the guest room in progress. I made the headboard out of an old door that floor lamp was previously painted purple but I wasn't a fan so now it is off white and glazed the bench is two big chunky side tables from a yard sale the tufted seat is made from an old sheet the kids ripped a hole in and old egg crate foam.  The buttons aren't so much buttons as the are fabric covered chip board circles hot glued to where I tufted.. Nice. It isn't perfect but this is my fave project as a whole.
This lamp shade has had a makeover also I found a little project to copy here.
An old sewing pattern, mod podge and then a little ribbon hot glued to the edges. I like it. I left the original lining on so it wouldn't be totally sheer.

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